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Our Expertise

At the heart of EUSENDOR is the agency’s founder and manager, Dr. rer. pol. Hans H. Th. Sendler. Dr. Sendler brings decades of experience managing the organisational and social aspects of health care and aging, at both the state and federal level. Additional competencies are drawn from

  • long-term collaboration with select partners,
  • a robust horizontal and vertical network of associates representing all complementary fields, both nationally and internationally,
  • on-going cooperation with national professional networks and membership in leading professional associations.


Before founding EUSENDOR in 2008, Dr. Sendler held leadership positions within several umbrella organisations of Germany’s national health insurance and overall healthcare systems. This work included a range of responsibilities at the federal level as well as for the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

EUSENDOR and its partners benefit from his professional competence, experiences and networks in the fields of health care, social economy as well as their management in European and International issues; the ageing society; organisation of human resources and civic involvement as well as his long-standing function as board member and various other memberships in professional associations.

Dr. Sendler is a member of the Federal Civic Engagement Network, where he is a mentor for the overarching topic area of “Cross-sectoral cooperation and its infrastructure” > MORE.

Long-time board member of a paradigmatic citizens’ initiative for drinking water protection and against toxic waste in FFH and bird sanctuaries in north-eastern Germany.

Hans Sendler
Dr. rer. pol. Hans H. Th. Sendler Ministerialdirigent a. D.